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Tree Removals in Charleston, SC

When it comes to Tree Trimming Charleston, Murray Tree Care has it down to an exact science. Providing proper care and maintenance to trees is imperative to keep your property safe and your trees healthy and strong. In a storm dead or diseased limbs and branches are the first things that break and are blown out of trees. These can cause serious safety hazards for your home property and even your loved ones. Keeping your trees trimmed and properly maintained is important, ensuring they aren’t a hazard in the next storm. Charleston tree trimming is something that we often see done improperly and it can damage or even kill your tree.  

Charleston Tree Pruning

Each year no more than 25%-33% of a tree should be removed. We will care for your trees structural integrity while also keeping your property hazard free. A properly pruned tree will enhance a trees nature beauty and increase its longevity. At the same time trimming a tree improperly can cause permanent damage to the tree and will shorten it's lifespan. It is important to hire a company that knows what they or doing and won’t put your trees at risk. Murray Tree Care will trim your trees with an exact growth path in mind. We use research based methods as we shape your tree to promote growth and structural strength. We remove all dead or dying branches and we remove branches so wind can easily move through your trees canopy without putting stress on the tree. Well maintained trees increase the value of your property and make it more aesthetically pleasing. We see Charleston tree pruning as a true art form and have had the pleasure of pruning the Middleton Oak the second largest Gingko tree in the United States.

Tree Pruning | Proper Tree Care

Murray Tree Care is licensed, bonded and insured and carry full workers compensation on all employees. Our crews are seasoned professionals and have years of experience in Charleston tree trimming. We will be happy to come out look at your trees free of charge. We will leave you a comprehensive estimate and peace of mind that your trees will be trimmed the right way. We can determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. This includes: * Removing limbs and branches that interfere with power lines, homes and buildings, streets, and sidewalks * Removing dead, diseased, insect-infested, or weak limbs that are a hazard or could lead to tree decay * Creating better structure to reduce the risk of damage during a storm * Training young trees and improving the shape of the tree * Removing branches to increase light penetration or allow a better view through the tree

Charleston, SC Tree Removal

Tree removal is something we take seriously. It is not something that you should do yourself. It is easy to get hurt or damage your home or your neighbor’s property if you don’t know what you are doing. Murray Tree Care has nearly two decades of experience removing trees. We know Charleston tree removals and how to get them done safely. We only use top of the line equipment that helps our crews complete jobs without causing any damage. We use bucket trucks, cranes, chippers, heavy machinery, stump grinders, ropes and state of the art rigging systems. We have what it takes to get your Charleston tree removal completed safely. Trees near homes, fences or structures will usually be chunked and safely roped down in pieces. Trees in an open area often we can fall all at once. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and carry full workers compensation on all employees. This is something you should always check before hiring a Charleston Tree Service Company to remove your tree.

Tree Removal Charleston

For Murray Tree Care, tree removal is always seen as a last possible resort although there are circumstances when tree removal is necessary. We have many years of experience removing trees safely and can help you decide if removal is the best option. If a tree is dead or dying you need to get it removed as soon as possible. Dead or dying trees are often the ones that fall during storms and can cause serious damage to your home, cars, neighbors property, or can even cause injury or death. In this industry we see all too often trees that if they would have been removed proactively would have saved the owner a lot of hassle, money and heart ache. Murray tree care will come out and assess any Charleston tree and let you know if it needs to be removed free of charge.

Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees that are diseased or infected can pose not only a treat to your property but also to your other trees. Diseased trees become weak and are less likely to endure a big wind storm. Some diseases and fungal infections can spread to your other trees so getting your infected tree treated or removed right away is important. We will come out and look at your diseased tree free of charge and let you know if Charleston tree removal is your best option. Tree removal Charleston is often necessary when a tree is hazardous or growing in a way that is not correctable with pruning. Sometimes trees grow too large for the places they were planted. Sometimes they grow into a house or hang over the street; maybe their roots are tearing up your sidewalk or cracking your foundation. We always try to correct overgrown trees with pruning if possible, but if that isn’t possible sometimes tree removal is your best option.

Land Clearing Charleston, SC

Murray Tree Care is the industry leader in Charleston Land Clearing and Lot Clearing. We offer Charleston land clearing for new construction, land development, residential development, pasture clearing, new road clearing, fence line clearing, view clearing, property clearing and more. If you have a land clearing Charleston, SC job, Murray Tree Care is the company to call. We are fast and can work with your deadline while removing all trees, brush and overgrowth on your lot.  

Charleston Lot Clearing

We provide visibility and accessibility on lots and land. We are experts at clearing lots for future home builds for subdivisions, commercial business parks and individual custom homes. From real estate developers to homeowners we are the dominating lot clearing company in Charleston, SC. We work closely with our customers and will clear any size lot both large acreage and small. We have the man power and the land clearing machinery to get the job done. Murray Tree Care delivers results. Call us today and get a free land or lot clearing estimate. We will will come out and look at your project and let you know how much and how long it will take to get your land looking exactly how you want it. Murray Tree Care has the man power and the state of the art lot clearing equipment to make quick work of any lot or land clearing project you have.

Lot Clearing Charleston

We have provided our clearing services to residential, municipal and commercial clients. We have a team of highly skilled land and lot clearing experts who clear land quickly. We will clear the land to your exact specifications including clearing all trees, brush, overgrowth and more. We can remove everything or leave certain trees or growth areas. We have top of the line land clearing equipment that gets the job done quickly without any burning. We turn everything into mulch that will leave your property looking great. It also prepares the ground for future planting and makes it easy for contractors and equipment to drive on. Murray Tree Care provides quality land clearing and lot clearing in Charleston, SC from a company you can trust. We are bonded, licensed and fully insured including carrying full workers compensation on all employees. We take safety seriously and have never had an insurance claims. We provide you with a stress free land clearing service you can feel good about.

Emergency Tree Service Charleston

Murray Tree Care understands how terrifying emergency tree situations can be. Our expert staff is highly trained when facing any emergency big or small, whether it’s a branch or a 70ft tree on a house we use the utmost care and proven safety tactics to ensure the safety of our clients and their property. We offer an understanding and caring approach to all our customers everyday and especially during Charleston tree emergencies. We respond to Charleston tree emergencies 24/7 and will be there quickly to assess the situation and make sure that your tree does not pose a safety threat to you or your property.  We respond to all types of tree emergencies including wind, storm, hurricane, ice, snow and rain. Whatever the reason for your Charleston tree emergency we will be there for you.  

Charleston, Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service, quite simply put, is when there is an immediate action required regarding the care and maintenance of trees on your property. This is usually from high winds, storms or excessive rain. Murray Tree Care responds quickly to all emergency calls and we only use the best of the best when it comes to our state of the art tree removal equipment. This brings down the cost for our customers, especially in emergency situations where there is an unexpected cost requiring immediate attention. With any tree emergency, during times of hurricanes or large storms it is imperative to find a reputable and honest tree service company that is fully licensed, bonded insured and carries workers compensation on all employees. This sometimes can be hard, especially if it is time sensitive situation and many tree emergencies are. For that reason we go above and beyond to ensure our customers have made the right decision in trusting Murray Tree Care. We come to every job with highly trained, knowledgeable, caring, and professional staff. Murray Tree Care stands with an impeccable reputation that has been proven in our years serving Charleston, SC, in the emergency tree service industry.

Emergency Tree Removal Charleston

Murray Tree Care understands, appreciates, and values your time. Our trained emergency tree removal experts are able to make even the toughest emergency tree removals look easy. Trees give us beauty and improve our ecosystem, they can also be a potential threat. Murray Tree Care gives you our promise that in the event of a tree emergency we will provide you with the absolute best care in the industry. Being able to spot warning signs that could prevent an emergency situation could potentially save a life or extensive property damage. Here are a few helpful tips we would like to share with you:   *The Roots: If you see tree roots pushing through the soil or cracks on the ground, this could be a sign that there may be severe damage, or will be in the future. In this case the tree itself may be prone to fall over, especially in severe weather conditions. *Leaning Trunks: It’s common for trees to lean more to one side than the other, but when you see the tree leaning at sharper angle this could be cause for concern, and a good time to call Murray Tree Care to assess the situation *Dying or Dead Branches: Dead or damaged branches are usually a sign the tree is no longer living. Trees or branches that are dead or dying are vulnerable to falling and can cause a lot of damage to whatever may be below them. Get regular pruning done to get rid of all dead or dying branches.  

Stump Grinding Charleston, SC

Curb appeal is important for any property.  Tree stumps are unsightly, stubborn remainders of the tree that once resided in that spot.  They can also take up precious space that can be used for other landscaping and be a nuisance to work around for other yard projects. Tree stumps can also cause trip and safety hazards, and lead to uneven surrounding surfaces.  If the tree stump is not removed properly, it can attract annoying insects that can cause secondary issues to nearby foliage.  The remaining tree stump can also sprout weak suckers if not removed properly.

Charleston Stump Grinding

Many deep tree roots are difficult to remove due to age and size. Digging out the tree root is often difficult, time intensive, and costly. The use of harsh chemicals can impact the surrounding greenery, and is hard on the environment.  Therefore, stump grinding is a logical and cost effective choice. It is important to hire professionals to complete the stump removal process.  We are able to safely and efficiently grind any age or size tree stump.  Our special machinery is highly proficient, and can minimize the cost and effort of other stump removal methods.  We are able to remove tree stumps on uneven terrain, hard to reach locations, and work around other surrounding obstructions safely.  The highly efficient power tools used to grind the tree stump chip away the wood safely and leave a smooth, clean surface behind.

Stump Grinding Charleston

Murray Tree Services handles the Charleston stump removal process with care, and will complete the clean- up process. Our professional stump grinding services minimize disruption of surrounding grounds, allowing for future landscaping.  It is also the perfect technique to avoid harsh chemicals, and is environmentally friendly.  Give us a call for a quote!  Murray Tree Care is licensed, bonded and insured. We carry full workers compensation on all of our employees. We are committed to providing excellent service and to making sure that our customers are happy. Leaving stumps in your yard can lead to a number of problems from infestations to looking ugly. At Murray Tree Care we believe in replanting trees and making sure that Charleston, SC, stays beautiful. One way that we ensure this is by offering stump grinding services. This allows you to replant a tree instead of just leaving the stump there to rot. We believe in making Charleston, SC, where we call home beautiful and sustainable. Part of that is grinding stumps and planting new trees to replace trees that had to be removed. That is why we offer complete stump grinding services as well as Charleston tree planting services.

Charleston View Clearing

  Do you have a beautiful Charleston or Mt. Pleasant view that is being impeded by trees? Murray Tree can help. We have experience working on steep hills, cliffs and in removing hard to get to trees. We always assess and see if corrective pruning will give you the Charleston view you are looking for or if removal is necessary. Having a view cleared will increase the value of your home or property. Whether it’s a view of our beautiful city or of the ocean, don’t miss out on the views in the beautiful place we call home.

Charleston View Clearing

  Murray Tree Care is committed to providing the best possible Charleston view clearing service. Our extensive knowledge of the area and the local tree-scape makes us a great choice for your view clearing needs. We always put safety first and adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Our perfect safety and our reputation in Charleston says a lot for the experience we try to give every single customer. We always go above and beyond and it shows with our loyal repeat customer base. We believe in saving every tree that we can but at the same time we understand that having a view cleared can greatly increase your property value and the property's natural beauty. We use many different techniques when possible to reduce the crown height without having to remove the whole tree. We have access to many types of equipment used in view clearing including: bucket trucks, cranes, aerial lifts and experienced man power.

Charleston View Clearing Service

At Murray Tree Care we believe in going the extra mile and doing a great job for our customers. We are a family owned and operated, small business local to Charleston, SC. We believe in helping people and doing the right thing. When it comes to trusting a company with your trees and property make sure you choose someone who is licensed, bonded and insured and has workers compensation on all employees. Just ask and we are happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance. Finding a local company that doesn’t cut corners is imperative to the safety of your property and making sure you are not liable if an accident were to occur. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible Charleston, SC, view clearing services at prices that you can afford. Don’t let your view go unseen any longer. Call Murray Tree Care today and we will come out to your property free of charge and give you a plan and a price for our Charleston view clearing project.

Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing Charleston, SC

Charleston trees are dynamic living organisms, and as such, no two trees are exactly alike. Every tree has a different structure, size, and shape that contribute to its natural beauty. However, many environmental factors can impact a trees ability to grow in a steady, healthy, natural way. Some trees may have natural structural deformations that cause an imbalance in the trees growth. Or, a storm could have caused damage to one side of tree, causing an asymmetrical imbalance that impacts tree’s ability to align its branches naturally. Often our Charleston tree cabling or tree bracing systems make good options for saving your trees and keeping your property safe at the same time.

Tree Cabling and Bracing Charleston

Our certified, licensed and local Charleston tree cabling expert will complete a full, detailed inspection of the entire tree structure in jeopardy to develop an appropriate plan to preserve the tree if possible. It is easiest to complete a full tree and branch inspection during the fall and winter season when there are less leaves, and the branches can be thoroughly inspected. Attention to detail and consideration of complex engineering factors are important with tree cabling and tree bracing, as is the use of the highest quality hardware and cabling system on the market. Using this technique, tree cables and rods are strategically placed at the intersections, or “joints” of the tree to provide additional structural security to the branches at risk. These support systems must be aligned and anchored correctly to brace and secure the branches against tipping, breaking and avoid movements that will impact the integrity of the branches.

Preventative Tree Maintenance Charleston

Murray Tree Care’s Charleston, SC tree cabling and tree bracing systems are great options to help safely and securely preserve the structure of the tree, while decreasing the risk for further deformation and need for emergency tree removal later. Careful evaluation of the current health and structural stability of a tree can help save time, money, and help keep a tree alive. Our tree cabling and tree bracing system can help support the structural flaws in the tree branches by developing a specifically engineered support system that will brace the branches resulting in less likelihood that they will snap or crack. At Murray Tree Care we use tree cabling and bracing to help strengthen the joints of the tree, and help the tree grow and heal in the most natural way possible. Trees are complex organisms, and have the potential to regain their health and grow in a healthy direction using our sophisticated tree cabling and bracing systems while maintaining the beauty and aesthetics unique to the tree. We are Charleston’s most trusted tree cabling and bracing experts. Call us today to get a free estimate.

Tree Planting Charleston

There are few things here at Murray Tree Care that we are more passionate about than planting trees. We believe that the beauty that trees add to the city we call home in unlike any other. Trees are proven to increase the value of your home as well as provide you with shade and place for kids to play. They also give us better air quality and increase the value real estate. We remove a lot of hazardous trees in the Charleston area and it is our greatest pleasure to replant trees and contribute to the tree-scape in Charleston, SC.

Tree Planting Charleston, SC

We are experts in all things tree related. We are happy to give you advice on what and where to plant trees. More than 80% of the trees we are called to remove are because the wrong tree was planted in the wrong place or because of improper care and maintenance. Improper planting location can lead to all kinds of problems. Often trees are planted too close to homes or structures. We see homes where the tree is growing into the side of the house or the root system is growing under the house and causing problems with plumbing or cracking the foundation. We see trees that are planted too close to sidewalks and roads and the roots are breaking and cracking the cement leading to trip hazards. These are things that we see as largely preventable. We want to make sure that you protect your biggest asset, your Charleston home. Have the correct trees planted the right way. Call us today and let us handle your Charleston tree planting project.

Charleston Tree Planting

Every tree has special needs from light exposure, soil type, and location. Our skilled crew has been planting trees in the Charleston area for more than a decade. We know what trees grown in our beautiful city and the ones that will turn your property into a beautiful oasis in the decades to come. We take pride giving the absolute best tree planting services for an affordable price. For every tree planting there are certain things that each tree needs both during the planting and follow up process to live and grow into healthy trees. The long term effects of planning the wrong tree in the wrong place on your property can be devastating. Let the experts handle it. We are happy to come look at your property and make a plan with you, custom designing your vision for your property. Our tree planting crew have extensive knowledge about tree planting in Charleston, SC and what trees fit best with your needs.  We will make sure it is done right and leave you with the peace of mind that will last for years to come. We are licensed, bonded and insured for all Charleston Tree Service including tree planting and we carry full workers compensation on every Murray Tree Care employee. Call Murray Tree Care today and get a free tree planting Charleston estimate. You will be happy you did.

Tree Fertilization Charleston, SC,

Our urban, landscaped soil often does not contain sufficient nutrients that trees require to function and grow. We can have your soil tested to find the nutrients in which it may be lacking. Fertilization can improve the growth of trees and reduce the risk of disease and insect-infestation, however, if not applied wisely, it may not benefit the tree and can even adversely affect the tree. We can analyze your soil conditions to provide the proper fertilization regimen.

Charleston Tree Fertilization

At Murray Tree Care we do our best to make sure that every tree is able to thrive. Fertilization of trees in urban areas don’t necessarily reap all the benefits of those in the wild, due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. This is because we rake our leaves, if tree branches fall we get rid of them and don’t just let things fall and decompose on our lawns. In urban settings we also tend to plant various different trees and vegetation that end up in competition with one another. This can take certain vital nutrients out of the soil and cause your trees to live in destress or even start to die. We provide tree fertilization services to the Charleston metro area by testing your soil, we can tell you exactly what you need to add to your soil to make your trees thrive.

Tree Fertilization Charleston

Making a fertilization plan with a professional can greatly enhance the overall health of your tree and help insure that its root systems of your trees grow and become healthy and strong. Having a healthy tree enhances the value of your property and helps ensure that you tree doesn’t become a hazard later on. Making sure that your soil has the right nutrients is at the right pH and will ensure optimal health for your trees. Call Murray Tree Care Today for Charleston tree fertilization services. We are happy to come out to your property, take soil samples and make a custom plan specific to your trees. Calling a tree expert is vital when it comes to tree fertilization in Charleston, SC. The wrong fertilizer or over treatment can have damaging effects on your trees. We are licensed, bonded and insured and carry workers compensation on every Murray Tree Care employee. Our customers come first and we truly believe in helping every Charleston tree reach its full potential.

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