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Charleston, SC Tree Removal

Tree removal is something we take seriously. It is not something that you should do yourself. It is easy to get hurt or damage your home or your neighbor’s property if you don’t know what you are doing. Murray Tree Care has nearly two decades of experience removing trees. We know Charleston tree removals and how to get them done safely. We only use top of the line equipment that helps our crews complete jobs without causing any damage. We use bucket trucks, cranes, chippers, heavy machinery, stump grinders, ropes and state of the art rigging systems. We have what it takes to get your Charleston tree removal completed safely. Trees near homes, fences or structures will usually be chunked and safely roped down in pieces. Trees in an open area often we can fall all at once. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and carry full workers compensation on all employees. This is something you should always check before hiring a Charleston Tree Service Company to remove your tree.

Tree Removal Charleston

For Murray Tree Care, tree removal is always seen as a last possible resort although there are circumstances when tree removal is necessary. We have many years of experience removing trees safely and can help you decide if removal is the best option. If a tree is dead or dying you need to get it removed as soon as possible. Dead or dying trees are often the ones that fall during storms and can cause serious damage to your home, cars, neighbors property, or can even cause injury or death. In this industry we see all too often trees that if they would have been removed proactively would have saved the owner a lot of hassle, money and heart ache. Murray tree care will come out and assess any Charleston tree and let you know if it needs to be removed free of charge.

Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees that are diseased or infected can pose not only a treat to your property but also to your other trees. Diseased trees become weak and are less likely to endure a big wind storm. Some diseases and fungal infections can spread to your other trees so getting your infected tree treated or removed right away is important. We will come out and look at your diseased tree free of charge and let you know if Charleston tree removal is your best option.
Tree removal Charleston is often necessary when a tree is hazardous or growing in a way that is not correctable with pruning. Sometimes trees grow too large for the places they were planted. Sometimes they grow into a house or hang over the street; maybe their roots are tearing up your sidewalk or cracking your foundation. We always try to correct overgrown trees with pruning if possible, but if that isn’t possible sometimes tree removal is your best option.