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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Charleston, SC

Curb appeal is important for any property.  Tree stumps are unsightly, stubborn remainders of the tree that once resided in that spot.  They can also take up precious space that can be used for other landscaping and be a nuisance to work around for other yard projects.

Tree stumps can also cause trip and safety hazards, and lead to uneven surrounding surfaces.  If the tree stump is not removed properly, it can attract annoying insects that can cause secondary issues to nearby foliage.  The remaining tree stump can also sprout weak suckers if not removed properly.

Charleston Stump Grinding

Many deep tree roots are difficult to remove due to age and size. Digging out the tree root is often difficult, time intensive, and costly. The use of harsh chemicals can impact the surrounding greenery, and is hard on the environment.  Therefore, stump grinding is a logical and cost effective choice.

It is important to hire professionals to complete the stump removal process.  We are able to safely and efficiently grind any age or size tree stump.  Our special machinery is highly proficient, and can minimize the cost and effort of other stump removal methods.  We are able to remove tree stumps on uneven terrain, hard to reach locations, and work around other surrounding obstructions safely.  The highly efficient power tools used to grind the tree stump chip away the wood safely and leave a smooth, clean surface behind.

Stump Grinding Charleston

Murray Tree Services handles the Charleston stump removal process with care, and will complete the clean- up process. Our professional stump grinding services minimize disruption of surrounding grounds, allowing for future landscaping.  It is also the perfect technique to avoid harsh chemicals, and is environmentally friendly.  Give us a call for a quote!  Murray Tree Care is licensed, bonded and insured. We carry full workers compensation on all of our employees. We are committed to providing excellent service and to making sure that our customers are happy. Leaving stumps in your yard can lead to a number of problems from infestations to looking ugly. At Murray Tree Care we believe in replanting trees and making sure that Charleston, SC, stays beautiful. One way that we ensure this is by offering stump grinding services. This allows you to replant a tree instead of just leaving the stump there to rot. We believe in making Charleston, SC, where we call home beautiful and sustainable. Part of that is grinding stumps and planting new trees to replace trees that had to be removed. That is why we offer complete stump grinding services as well as Charleston tree planting services.