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Tree Planting

Tree Planting Charleston

There are few things here at Murray Tree Care that we are more passionate about than planting trees. We believe that the beauty that trees add to the city we call home in unlike any other. Trees are proven to increase the value of your home as well as provide you with shade and place for kids to play. They also give us better air quality and increase the value real estate. We remove a lot of hazardous trees in the Charleston area and it is our greatest pleasure to replant trees and contribute to the tree-scape in Charleston, SC.

Tree Planting Charleston, SC

We are experts in all things tree related. We are happy to give you advice on what and where to plant trees. More than 80% of the trees we are called to remove are because the wrong tree was planted in the wrong place or because of improper care and maintenance. Improper planting location can lead to all kinds of problems. Often trees are planted too close to homes or structures. We see homes where the tree is growing into the side of the house or the root system is growing under the house and causing problems with plumbing or cracking the foundation. We see trees that are planted too close to sidewalks and roads and the roots are breaking and cracking the cement leading to trip hazards. These are things that we see as largely preventable. We want to make sure that you protect your biggest asset, your Charleston home. Have the correct trees planted the right way. Call us today and let us handle your Charleston tree planting project.

Charleston Tree Planting

Every tree has special needs from light exposure, soil type, and location. Our skilled crew has been planting trees in the Charleston area for more than a decade. We know what trees grown in our beautiful city and the ones that will turn your property into a beautiful oasis in the decades to come. We take pride giving the absolute best tree planting services for an affordable price. For every tree planting there are certain things that each tree needs both during the planting and follow up process to live and grow into healthy trees. The long term effects of planning the wrong tree in the wrong place on your property can be devastating. Let the experts handle it. We are happy to come look at your property and make a plan with you, custom designing your vision for your property. Our tree planting crew have extensive knowledge about tree planting in Charleston, SC and what trees fit best with your needs.  We will make sure it is done right and leave you with the peace of mind that will last for years to come. We are licensed, bonded and insured for all Charleston Tree Service including tree planting and we carry full workers compensation on every Murray Tree Care employee. Call Murray Tree Care today and get a free tree planting Charleston estimate. You will be happy you did.