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Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service Charleston

Murray Tree Care understands how terrifying emergency tree situations can be. Our expert staff is highly trained when facing any emergency big or small, whether it’s a branch or a 70ft tree on a house we use the utmost care and proven safety tactics to ensure the safety of our clients and their property. We offer an understanding and caring approach to all our customers everyday and especially during Charleston tree emergencies. We respond to Charleston tree emergencies 24/7 and will be there quickly to assess the situation and make sure that your tree does not pose a safety threat to you or your property.  We respond to all types of tree emergencies including wind, storm, hurricane, ice, snow and rain. Whatever the reason for your Charleston tree emergency we will be there for you.


Charleston, Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service, quite simply put, is when there is an immediate action required regarding the care and maintenance of trees on your property. This is usually from high winds, storms or excessive rain. Murray Tree Care responds quickly to all emergency calls and we only use the best of the best when it comes to our state of the art tree removal equipment. This brings down the cost for our customers, especially in emergency situations where there is an unexpected cost requiring immediate attention. With any tree emergency, during times of hurricanes or large storms it is imperative to find a reputable and honest tree service company that is fully licensed, bonded insured and carries workers compensation on all employees. This sometimes can be hard, especially if it is time sensitive situation and many tree emergencies are. For that reason we go above and beyond to ensure our customers have made the right decision in trusting Murray Tree Care. We come to every job with highly trained, knowledgeable, caring, and professional staff. Murray Tree Care stands with an impeccable reputation that has been proven in our years serving Charleston, SC, in the emergency tree service industry.

Emergency Tree Removal Charleston

Murray Tree Care understands, appreciates, and values your time. Our trained emergency tree removal experts are able to make even the toughest emergency tree removals look easy. Trees give us beauty and improve our ecosystem, they can also be a potential threat. Murray Tree Care gives you our promise that in the event of a tree emergency we will provide you with the absolute best care in the industry.

Being able to spot warning signs that could prevent an emergency situation could potentially save a life or extensive property damage. Here are a few helpful tips we would like to share with you:


*The Roots: If you see tree roots pushing through the soil or cracks on the ground, this could be a sign that there may be severe damage, or will be in the future. In this case the tree itself may be prone to fall over, especially in severe weather conditions.

*Leaning Trunks: It’s common for trees to lean more to one side than the other, but when you see the tree leaning at sharper angle this could be cause for concern, and a good time to call Murray Tree Care to assess the situation

*Dying or Dead Branches: Dead or damaged branches are usually a sign the tree is no longer living. Trees or branches that are dead or dying are vulnerable to falling and can cause a lot of damage to whatever may be below them. Get regular pruning done to get rid of all dead or dying branches.