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Tree Fertilization Charleston, SC,

Our urban, landscaped soil often does not contain sufficient nutrients that trees require to function and grow. We can have your soil tested to find the nutrients in which it may be lacking. Fertilization can improve the growth of trees and reduce the risk of disease and insect-infestation, however, if not applied wisely, it may not benefit the tree and can even adversely affect the tree. We can analyze your soil conditions to provide the proper fertilization regimen.

Charleston Tree Fertilization

At Murray Tree Care we do our best to make sure that every tree is able to thrive. Fertilization of trees in urban areas don’t necessarily reap all the benefits of those in the wild, due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. This is because we rake our leaves, if tree branches fall we get rid of them and don’t just let things fall and decompose on our lawns. In urban settings we also tend to plant various different trees and vegetation that end up in competition with one another. This can take certain vital nutrients out of the soil and cause your trees to live in destress or even start to die. We provide tree fertilization services to the Charleston metro area by testing your soil, we can tell you exactly what you need to add to your soil to make your trees thrive.

Tree Fertilization Charleston

Making a fertilization plan with a professional can greatly enhance the overall health of your tree and help insure that its root systems of your trees grow and become healthy and strong. Having a healthy tree enhances the value of your property and helps ensure that you tree doesn’t become a hazard later on. Making sure that your soil has the right nutrients is at the right pH and will ensure optimal health for your trees. Call Murray Tree Care Today for Charleston tree fertilization services. We are happy to come out to your property, take soil samples and make a custom plan specific to your trees. Calling a tree expert is vital when it comes to tree fertilization in Charleston, SC. The wrong fertilizer or over treatment can have damaging effects on your trees. We are licensed, bonded and insured and carry workers compensation on every Murray Tree Care employee. Our customers come first and we truly believe in helping every Charleston tree reach its full potential.