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Mt. Pleasant Tree Service

West Ashley SC Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Mt. Pleasant, SC

Staying on top of Mt. Pleasant tree pruning is in vital for the health of your trees. Murray Tree Care’s proper care and maintenance for trees includes: removing dead wood, removing co-mingling branches, removing hazardous or weakened branches, increasing light and air penetration by up to 30% and balancing the trees weight. Our Mt. Pleasant, SC tree pruning services goes above and beyond to ensure the quality and health of your trees.

Tree Removal Near Mt. Pleasant SC

Tree Removal Mt. Pleasant, SC

We Provide Mt. Pleasant tree removals for many reasons including trees that are no longer living or dying, trees that could be considered hazardous or an obstruction. Our team of Mt. Pleasant tree removal experts are some of the best at what they do. We use state of the art equipment and have the highest safety standers to ensure that each tree removal is done right.

Land Clearing Charleston SC

Lot Clearing Mt. Pleasant, SC

We provide Mt. Pleasant, SC Lot Clearing and land clearing services for both residential and commercial customers. We have the man power and equipment to complete your Mt. Pleasant lot clearing job quickly and exactly to your specifications. There are no jobs too large or too small for Murray Tree Care. We clear all brush, trees and overgrowth and leave your property looking great. Call Murray Tree Care today for a free estimate on your Mt. Pleasant SC, land clearing project.

Tree Fertilization Services Charleston SC

Tree Fertilization Mt. Pleasant, SC

Fertilization of trees in urban areas don’t necessarily reap all the benefits of those in the wild, due to lack of nutrients in the soil. The lack of nutrients is caused by our everyday care including raking leaves, mowing lawns, and planting various different trees and vegetation that in turn ending up in competition of one another when soaking up the nutrients they need to survive. We are experts and tree fertilization Mt. Pleasant, SC and will make sure your trees have what they need to grow.

Tree Planting Services Charleston SC

Tree Planting Mt. Pleasant, SC

Murray Tree Service is passionate about trees and making sure you have the right tree in the right location. Whether you know exactly what and where you want a tree or you need a fresh and skilled eye to help you, we will be there with our superior staff to help. Tree planting Mt. Pleasant SC, is our way of ensuring that Mt. Pleasant stays the beautiful place that we call home.

Tree Bracing Charleston SC

Cabling & Bracing Mt. Pleasant, SC

Murray Tree Care’s services include cabling and bracing Mt. Pleasant, SC. Our state of the art equipment is specialized to improve the physical structure of a tree when it can no longer bare the weight of itself anymore. When properly installed the cables and bracing rods help support the tree making sure it doesn’t damage to your property or home.

Charleston SC Tree Emergency

Emergency Tree Service Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mt. Pleasant SC, emergency tree services calls more often than not, come in when there is bad or extreme weather conditions. Storms, high winds and rain are some of the factors where your trees could potential become a danger to you, your property, or those around you. We are experts at emergency tree removals in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The safety of our clients is our absolute number one concern. No matter what the reason for your Mt. Pleasant tree emergency we will make sure it is taken care of safely.

View Clearing Charleston SC

View Clearing Mt. Pleasant, SC

Having your view cleared can increase property value and they beauty of your home. Murray Tree Care has been providing view clearing Mt. Pleasant SC for many years. We are experts at working on steep slopes and safely clearing views. We will remove overgrown trees, brush, overgrowth or anything else opstructing your Mt. Pleasant view. Call today for a free Mt. Pleasant SC, view clearing estimate.

Stump Grinding in Charleston SC

Stump Grinding Mt. Pleasant, SC

We are a full service tree company and provide expert Mt. Pleasant, SC stump grinding services. Murray Tree Care only uses high powered state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a safe and fast removal of any tree stump. We remove stumps quickly and leave you with usable soil. Don’t let that unsightly stump stay on your property a day longer. Call Murray Tree Care and get a free quote for Mt. Pleasant, SC Stump grinding today.