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How Much Does A Tree Removal Cost?

Every Charleston, SC, tree removal is unique and has a different cost. There are may things that we take into consideration before we give you a free estimate. How close is your tree to any structures. Are we going to leave the firewood or remove it. How far will our crews have to drag brush

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Do You Work With Insurance Companies?

We do a lot of work with insurance companies. When a tree or limb has fallen and caused damage on your home or property give us a call right away. We will come out and secure your property make sure that everything is safe and minimize any further damage to your home or property. We

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Do I Need A Permit?

Generally you won’t need a permit unless it is an old growth tree or a heritage tree, however you should always check with your city first. Often street trees need permits as well as if you have several trees that need to be removed you may need a deforestation permit. If you have any questions

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How Do You Accept Payments?

We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards. There may be a fee for credit card processing. We accept payment at the end of every job. If you have any further billing questions give us a call.

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